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Bert Williams: His Final Releases
[ARCH 5002]

$16.49 $14.02

Bert Williams: His Final Releases
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Known largely as a stage performer and vaudeville pioneer, Bert Williams left an amazing legacy of sound. During the last three years of his life, 24 sides recorded by Williams were released. With Bert Williams: His Final Releases, 1919-1922, these sides are finally available in chrononological order on a commercial reissue. Starting with “Oh! Lawdy,” from Williams’ earliest sessions in 1919 and ending with “Not Lately”—recorded a mere three days before the star’s collapse on a Detroit stage—no other CD gives you all 24 of Bert’s final releases, sequenced in the order they were recorded. The package includes a 16-page booklet that gives discographical information, biographical notes focusing on Williams’ life and career during these years, and dicussion about some of the major themes in his recordings.

The genius of his voice
Interest in Bert Williams has grown over the last few years, as television documentaries and college classrooms explore the importance of early African-American performers. Despite the interest, few documentaries feature Williams’ recordings, and many who study him have never heard his voice. This collection is an attempt to let modern audiences hear Williams’ unique performing style and material.

The Elder has spoken
Bert Williams: His Final Releases includes some of Williams’ most famous songs and routines, including both of his “Elder Eatmore” sermons. These two recordings—“Elder Eatmore’s Sermon on Generosity” and “Elder Eatmore’s Sermon on Throwing Stones”—capture Williams’ ability to portray hypocritical religious figures. His latest spoken word recordings, the Elder Eatmore records give us a taste of his stage presence.

The Prohibition blues
Many of Bert’s final sides centered on one of the biggest news items of the day: national Prohibition. With songs like “Ten Little Bottles,” “Save a Little Dram for Me,” “Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar” and “The Moon Shines on the Moonshine,” Bert sings the blues of a land gone dry.

A pioneer of unparalleled talent
Booker T. Washington claimed that Bert Williams did more for his race by singing and acting his way into people’s hearts than Washington ever did in his books. Hear for yourself firsthand why Williams continues to be so influental.

CD Details

  • Catalogue number: ARCH 5002
  • UPC: 656605918129
  • Original release date: July 2, 2001
  • Running length: 71:41 / 24 tracks
  • Booklet: 20-page
  • Tracks recorded: 1919-1922
  • Volume 3 of The Complete Bert Williams.
  • In Archeophone's Pioneers series.

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Track Listing and Sound Samples

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1. Oh! Lawdy (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
2. Bring Back Those Wonderful Days (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
3. Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
4. It's Nobody's Business But My Own (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
5. Elder Eatmore's Sermon on Generosity (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
6. Elder Eatmore's Sermon on Throwing Stones (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
7. I'm Sorry I Ain't Got It (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
8. The Moon Shines on the Moonshine (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
9. Checkers (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
10. Somebody (1919) Listen Listen Listen Listen
11. Ten Little Bottles (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
12. Unlucky Blues (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
13. Lonesome Alimony Blues (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
14. Get Up (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
15. Save a Little Dram for Me (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
16. I Want to Know Where Tosti Went (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
17. You Can't Trust Nobody (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
18. Eve Cost Adam Just One Bone (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
19. You'll Never Need a Doctor No More (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
20. My Last Dollar (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
21. I'm Gonna Quit Saturday (1920) Listen Listen Listen Listen
22. Brother Low Down (1921) Listen Listen Listen Listen
23. Unexpectedly (1921) Listen Listen Listen Listen
24. Not Lately (1922) Listen Listen Listen Listen

All selections performed by Bert Williams.

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