The Moaninest Moan of Them All: The Jazz Saxophone of Loren McMurray (Various Artists)

ARCH 6012

2023 Grammy Nominee, Best Historical Album

Like Icarus flying dangerously close to the sun, Loren McMurray was an all-too-bright flame in the nascent field of jazz recordings. Dead at only 25, and having made records for just two years, “Mac” was a genuine musical pioneer. His trailblazing sides offered many listeners their first real taste of jazz saxophone, and his signature performance style revolutionized dance music. Today, his recordings provide an unparalleled glimpse into the saxophone’s transformation from just-another-voice in the band to a signature sound of jazz. Featuring 2 CDs with 50 selections and an 80-page booklet by Grammy-nominated authors Colin Hancock and Mark Berresford, The Moaninest Moan presents the story and sounds of Loren McMurray, from his early days of making music in Kansas to his final sides recorded in New York.

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