Centennial (King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band)

ARCH 6014

Centennial will be released on August 30, 2024; order before August 1 for the steepest discount.

The 1923 recordings by King Oliver’s working Chicago band are the stuff of legend. Nothing like them had ever been heard on record before, and nothing in jazz would be the same afterward. Here, for the first time, all 37 sides are presented—in release order—on two LPs and two CDs, along with 55 additional tracks (on CDs 3 and 4) that allow us to understand these musical giants not only as innovators but also as products of the acoustic-era recording industry. With all-new restorations and remastering by Richard Martin, these selections have never sounded better. Further, there’s an 80-page book included, where GRAMMY-winning author Ricky Riccardi insightfully tells the story of the relationship between “Papa Joe” Oliver and “Little Louis” Armstrong and gives detailed notes on the tracks. Produced by Archeophone’s Meagan Hennessey and Richard Martin, GRAMMY-winning producers of Lost Sounds. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of these landmark records!

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Centennial will ship on August 30, 2024




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Visit Centennial's expanded catalogue page to see the complete track listing, read an extended description, and listen to sound samples.