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    The Vinyl District gives Waxing the Gospel an A+

    The Vinyl District’s “Graded an a Curve” column has given Waxing the Gospel a great review and a grade of…

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    Pop Matters on Waxing the Gospel: A masterpiece of scholarship and curatorship

    Pop Matters has reviewed Waxing the Gospel, saying “A masterpiece of scholarship and curatorship, this collection sets a new standard…

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    Songs of the Night named “Reissue Pick” by The Vinyl District

    The Vinyl District has given Songs of the Night an ‘A’ grade and named it Reissue Pick for September 2016.…

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    Songs of the Night reviewed in Jazz Weekly

    “…this music holds up amazingly fresh, and the recording sound quality is startlingly alive and clean. An important footnote of…

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