Jazz, Dance & Blues

Jazz, Dance & Blues
January 1, 2015 hennessey

Neglected masters in the fields of orchestral dance music, acoustic-era jazz, and early blues get their due in Archeophone’s Jazz, Dance & Blues series. These are artists and songs that occupy a liminal space between the old–the 19th century sounds of ragtime, classical vocals, and military bands–and the modern sounds of hot jazz and the crooners of the late 1920s. Traditionally, by not belonging firmly in one camp or another, the acts featured in this series have been consigned to the wastebin of history. Archeophone is rescuing these interesting acts: sometimes well-known performers never before reissued, sometimes people you may not have heard of–but you’ll be glad you do now. Our Jazz, Dance & Blues artists were technically exacting, highly accomplished players and singers, and now they are receiving a second listen.

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