Phonographic Yearbooks

Archeophone’s Phonographic Yearbook series gives you the biggest hit records of a year on a single disc, packaged with all the information that brings the year alive. We fill the disc with the most popular songs of a given year and give you deluxe 24-page booklets featuring full color graphics, detailed information about the recordings, and an interpretive essay that places the music in the context of the time. No other single-year compilation approaches the quality of the package.

The series includes two special editions that give you an overview of the first decade of the recording industry, the 1890s. Featuring 60 songs between the two, these special editions present the most popular versions of some of the earliest songs that people still remember today—”Hot Time in the Old Town,” “Hello! Ma Baby,” “The Band Played On,” “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and more. The first volume features profiles of the earliest artists with rare illustrations and photos along with an essay about social events of the decade; the second volume, which focuses on the songwriters, includes lyrics to the songs, notes on the composers, and an essay about early technological progress.

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