Edison Blue Amberol Records, Domestic Popular Series, Vol. 6 (1651–1720, Specials A-K & School Series)

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Another 30 selections released on Edison's new format, the Blue Amberol cylinder. These cylinders were released in January and April 1913. Selections on this release include a sampling of Edison's extremely rare School Series, as well as the Special Series and fare by popular artists of the day. All of the transfers are done from the best copies of these cylinders to archival quality standards and expertly restored.

Liner Notes

The complimentary liner notes that accompany this release include background on the Blue Amberol format, notes on the transfers, discussion of the special and school series of cylinders, and images of some of the marketing material that originally accompanied the cylinder releases in the Edison Phonograph Monthly. The 10-page document is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file.

→  Download the liner notes (2.7 mb PDF)

Track Listing
1. 1651 - Lincoln's Speech at GettysburgHarry E. Humphrey1913
2. 1652 - Patrick Henry's SpeechHarry E. Humphrey1913
3. 1653 - Finch's the Blue and the GrayHarry E. Humphrey1913
4. 1654 - Washington's Farewell AddressHarry E. Humphrey1913
5. 1655 - Webster's Speech in Reply to HayneHarry E. Humphrey1913
6. 1656 - Henry W. Grady's Speech on the New SouthHarry E. Humphrey1913
7. 1657 - Dictation and Spelling 2d Year 1st Half Lesson 1Harry E. Humphrey1913
8. 1705 - Fifteen Review Problems in Denominate NumbersEdward Meeker1913
9. Special A - The Four JacksNew York Military Band1913
10. Special B - Father's EccentricitiesMurry K. Hill1913
11. Special C - If I Must Say Farewell, Kate, Let Me Kiss Your Lips GoodbyeManuel Romain1913
12. Special D - The Ninety and NineEdison Mixed Quartet1913
13. Special E - Scenes That Are BrightestH. Benne Henton1913
14. Special F - Two Rubes Swapping HorsesSteve Porter & Edward Meeker1913
15. Special G - I'm Looking for a SweetheartAda Jones and Billy Murray1913
16. Special H - Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley1913
17. Special J - The Hermit's BellAmerican Symphony Orchestra1913
18. Special K - The Peerless MinstrelsPeerless Quartet & Company1913
19. 1711 - Manhattan Beach and El Capitan MarchesSousa's Band1913
20. 1712 - Darky School DaysBilly Golden & Joe Hughes1913
21. 1713 - The Vacant ChairElizabeth Spencer & Chorus1913
22. 1714 - Uncle Josh Keeps HouseCal Stewart1913
23. 1715 - I Will Sing of My RedeemerEdison Mixed Quartet1913
24. 1716 - Medley of Country DancesE. A. Jaudas1913
25. 1717 - SympathyCharlotte Kirwan & Harvey Hindermyer1913
26. 1718 - Oh! What a Beautiful DreamWalter Van Brunt & Chorus1913
27. 1719 - When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan1913
28. 1720 - Wearing of the GreenMarie Narelle1913
29. 1651 - Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg [Bonus: Cylinder Dubbed from Disc]Harry E. Humphrey1913
30. 1712 - Darky School Days [Bonus: Alternate Take]Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
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Domestic Popular Series, Vol. 6 (1651–1720, Specials A-K & School Series)
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