At the Minstrel Show
Various Artists

At the Minstrel Show
November 5, 2019 hennessey

For all the vexed issues they pose to us now, minstrel shows were an important part of American social life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the early days of the phonograph industry, the record labels attempted to bring the experience of minstrelsy into consumers’ homes. The records were popular; hundreds of titles and thousands of examples survive to this day.

A few of these records have been issued by modern labels (including Archeophone), but never before has an attempt been made to deal authoritatively with the genre as a whole. At the Minstrel Show fills the void with 51 tracks on two CDs and a 56-page heavily annotated booklet by authority Tim Brooks.

Disc One features three complete minstrel “shows”—that is, series of discs or cylinders that were intended to be listened to sequentially to give the listener the experience of a whole minstrel show. Disc Two has a number of minstrel “first part” routines (some extremely rare) and songs and skits about minstrelsy, recorded between 1894 and 1926.

At the Minstrel Show will be released in early 2020. The final track list is below; subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Disc One

Victor’s “An Evening with the Minstrels” Series
1. No. 1: Ethiopian Carnival of Melody—Victor Minstrels (Entire Company)
2. No. 2: Minstrel Ballad: My Creole Sue—Victor Minstrels (feat. S. H. Dudley, Len Spencer & Harry Macdonough)
3. No. 3: End Song: Chimes of the Golden Bells—Victor Minstrels (feat. S. H. Dudley, Len Spencer & Quartette)
4. No. 4: Musical Act: Ebony Emperors of Melody—Victor Minstrels (feat. S. H. Dudley & Len Spencer)
5. No. 5: Having Fun with the Orchestra—Victor Minstrels (feat. Len Spencer & Steve Porter)
6. No. 6: The Cake Walk in Coontown—Victor Minstrels (feat. Len Spencer)
7. No. 7: Sidewalk Conversation: Funny Things You See in the Papers—Victor Minstrels (feat. S. H. Dudley & Len Spencer)
8. No. 8: Grand Afterpiece: Scenes on the Levee—Victor Minstrels (Entire Company)

Columbia’s “An Evening with the Minstrels” Series
9. Introductory Overture—Columbia Minstrels (Entire Company)
10. Our Land of Dreams—Columbia Minstrels (feat. J. W. Myers)
11. End Man’s Stories—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Len and Harry Spencer)
12. End Man Song: I’m a N— That’s Living High—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Arthur Collins)
13. Jokes Between Interlocutor and End Men—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Len and Harry Spencer & Arthur Collins)
14. I’m Wearing My Heart Away for You—Columbia Minstrels (feat. George J. Gaskin)
15. Jokes Between Interlocutor and End Man—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Harry Spencer & Arthur Collins)
16. End Man’s Song: My Friend from Home—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Len Spencer)
17. Finale: Black Hussars March—Columbia Minstrels (feat. J. W. Myers)
18. Musical Specialty: Trumpet Solo—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Albert Bode)
19. Monologue—Columbia Minstrels (feat. George Graham [presumed])
20. Yankee Doodle: Banjo Solo—Columbia Minstrels (feat. Vess L. Ossman)

Edison’s “At the Minstrel Show” Series
21. At the Minstrel Show No. 1—Edison Minstrels (Entire Company)
22. At the Minstrel Show No. 2—Edison Minstrels (feat. Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan)
23. At the Minstrel Show No. 3—Edison Minstrels (feat. Len Spencer & Billy Murray)
24. At the Minstrel Show No. 4—Edison Minstrels (feat. Will F. Denny)
25. At the Minstrel Show No. 5—Edison Minstrels (feat. Len Spencer & Billy Murray)
26. At the Minstrel Show No. 6—Edison Minstrels (Entire Company)

Disc Two

1. The Minstrel Parade—Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan
2. Minstrel 1st Part, “A High Old Time”—Spencer, Williams & Quinn’s Imperial Minstrels
3. Minstrel 1st Part, “Dese Bones Shall Rise Again”—The Imperial Minstrels
4. Minstrel 1st Part, “The Laughing Song”—Billy Heins & the Ancient City Quartette
5. Minstrel 1st Part, “A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”—Excelsior Minstrel Company
6. It’s Got to Be a Minstrel Show Tonight—Dan W. Quinn
7. Minstrel 1st Part, “Echoes of Minstrelsy” —Arthur Collins, S. H. Dudley & the Ancient City Quartette
8. Minstrel 1st Part, “All I Want Is My Chicken Back” —Alabama Troubadours
9. Minstrel 1st Part, “Three Minutes with the Minstrels”—Arthur Collins, S. H. Dudley & the Ancient City Quartette
10. That Minstrel Man of Mine—Len Spencer and Vess L. Ossman
11. Minstrel 1st Part, “My Wild Irish Rose”—Climax Minstrels
12. Minstrel 1st Part, “Goo Goo Eyes”—Zonophone Minstrels
13. Monarch Minstrels 1st Part, No. 5—The Georgia Minstrels
14. An Amateur Minstrel Rehearsal—Edison Vaudeville Company
15. I Got to See the Minstrel Show—Arthur Collins
16. Minstrel Record “D”—Rambler Minstrels
17. The Peerless Minstrels—Peerless Quartette and Company
18. The Elks Minstrels—Elks Minstrel Company
19. The Stranded Minstrel Man—Murry K. Hill
20. Me an’ de Minstrel Ban’—Billy Murray
21. Military Minstrels (No. 26)—Victor Minstrel Company
22. Rex Minstrel No. 2—Peerless Quartette
23. Minstrels Part VI: I Want to Go Back to the Land of Cotton—Little Wonder Minstrels
24. The Land of Minstrelsy—Premier Quartet Minstrels
25. Bring Back Those Minstrel Days—Al Campbell and Jack Kaufman

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