Introducing CD 3 of Waxing the Gospel: The Vernacular Recordings

Introducing CD 3 of Waxing the Gospel: The Vernacular Recordings
August 2, 2016 hennessey

Disc 3 of Waxing the Gospel dives into the world of vernacular recordings during the 1890s and explores what people were capturing with their new phonographs at home and in the field. The first 17 tracks were captured by Harry Heath, a New York optician, at the 1897 camp meeting at Ocean Grove, New Jersey. The remaining selections are a mix of vernacular recordings made by other church organizations and ministers in quasi-public settings and by ordinary people at home. Full transcripts of the selections are included in the book.

Learn more about these selections at our blog, and listen to samples below.

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1. Stay tuned
2. Jesus, Savior Pilot Me Capt. Charles L. Estey Aug. 1897
3. Just Tell My Mother Adjt. Edward Taylor Aug. 1897
4. The Wayside Cross John Sweney and unknown female vocalist Aug. 1897
5. Service Cues Harry Heath Aug. 1897
6. Haydn’s Creation: “The Marv’lous Work Beholds Amaz’d” [excerpt] Ocean Grove Auditorium Choir Aug. 1897
7. Sunlight Winfield S. Weeden and Chorus Aug. 1897
8. Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep [fragment] Unknown trombone solo (possibly William Sulger) Aug. 1897
9. The 23rd Psalm and The Good Shepherd Rev. J. Reeves Daniels Aug. 1897
10. Almost Persuaded Capt. Charles L. Estey Aug. 1897
11. Trusting Jesus [fragment] Unknown Aug. 1897
12. I Surrender All Winfield S. Weeden and chorus Aug. 1897
13. Saved by Grace Winfield S. Weeden Aug. 1897
14. The Shepherd True Moody Quartette Aug. 1897
15. Why Do You Wait? Unknown mixed quartet (“2 Hals, Fran & Jennie”) Aug. 1897
16. Massa’s in de Cold, Cold Ground Unknown cornet solo (possibly Louise Linebarger) Aug. 1897
17. Medley: The Church Across the Way [excerpt] &
Showers of Blessing [fragment]
Silas Leachman
Unknown flute solo
ca. 1894-97
ca. 1897
18. Lead Me, Savior and It is Well with My Soul Rittersville Singing Club ca. 1898-1900
19. In That City Rittersville Children’s Chorus ca. 1898-1900
20. Looking That Way Rittersville United Quartet ca. 1898-1900
21. Hebrew Morning Hymn Rittersville Choir ca. 1898-1900
22. Will a Man Rob God? Rev. Frederick A. Graves ca. 1900
23. The Power of God Rev. Frederick A. Graves ca. 1900
24. Poem: “Resting in His Love” Anna Maria Sawyer Apr. 1894
25. Testimony and A Little Talk with Jesus Makes it Right, All Right Rev. C. Herbert Rust and Bertha W. Rust May 1894
26. Birthday Celebration and Rock of Ages & Old Hundred Mr. Joseph Sawyer and family Oct. 1894
27. To Each of the Scholars of Bethany and The Pillar of Cloud & Collect Frank L. Embree ca. 1897-98
28. Nearer, My God, to Thee Unknown (“My Dearly Departed Mother”) ca. 1895–99
29. Down at the Cross D. B. Broad Aug. 1895 [?]
30. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior Ernest V. Parcells ca. 1898
31. What a Friend We Have in Jesus Charles Taylor & His Two Daughters ca. 1898
32. Thanksgiving Greetings and Nearer, My God, to Thee & Psalm 103 C. W. Crary family, friends, and cat Nov. 1898
33. The Holy City Grace Marvin ca. 1898-99
34. De Massa ob de Sheepfol’ and God Is Now Here Harry Heath ca. 1896-1900
35. Prohibition Speech Harry Heath ca. 1896-1900
36. Barnyard (Quiet in the Country) and The Holy City Harry Heath & unknown female ca. 1896-1900


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Introducing CD 3 of Waxing the Gospel: The Vernacular Recordings
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