New website launched

New website launched
February 12, 2016 hennessey

Welcome! Archeophone is committed to offering a site that offers both a top-notch shopping experience and a space to listen, learn, and explore the world’s oldest recordings. With that goal in mind, we’re happy to announce that on February 12, 2016, we’ve launched a completely revamped website. The look and feel is new, the content is improved and more user-friendly, and we’ve rolled out a completely new shopping cart that makes ordering from us much simpler. Here’s a look at what’s new and different.

Overall improvements

  • Responsive design. The site will work better on all of your devices.
  • Sound samples that work on all platforms. We’ve kept sound samples for everything we’ve released—a whopping 2081 audio clips!—but now they’ll play on your computers, tablets, and phones without needing to install any plugins.
  • A cleaner catalogue layout. We’ve preserved the extended descriptions many of you have told us you rely on but have switched to a tabbed layout on our catalogue pages to make it easier to jump between the description and track listing. And if we’ve published features or bonus info on a release, you can get to that from its product page.
  • More readable song and artist pages. All artists have their own pages, and any artist with more than 10 titles in our has filtering functionality in their listing so that you can more easily see if we’ve reissued the track you’re seeking.

A better shopping experience

  • You can create shareable wishlists. Would you like to create a wishlist that you can easily share with family and friends? No problem—you can email your list to up to 10 people at a time. Would you like to share it with your Facebook friends or a colleague at work? Now you can. You can also create multiple wishlists if you wish.
  • You can save your credit card securely. If you’re a frequent customer and want to speed up your purchases, your card number is now saved securely at our credit processor’s server. We never see or have access to your data, but you can select your previous card at checkout, just as major shopping sites allow.
  • You can waitlist releases. Are you interested in a release that isn’t currently available? No need to write an email or check to see if it’s out again—all releases that are out of stock offer the option to waitlist the title. Simply fill out the form available on each out-of-stock title and we’ll send an update when it’s back in print.
  • You have many account options. You can store multiple addresses in your account, and if you prefer not to have an account, you can check out as a guest. You can also still pay for an order by check or over the phone—just start your order online, select “check” as your payment method, and complete your order. You’ll see a screen at the end with the information needed to either send a payment by mail or phone it in.

A fresh start

  • Create a new user account. The latest encryption technology in use here means we all need to start from scratch.  So if you’d like to take advantage of our improved shopping features, you’ll need to create a new account.  We’ve kept this simple: Just enter your email address, name, and create a password. Please contact us if you have questions about a purchase placed prior to February 12, 2016.
  • Watch for loyalty perks. Our robust new shopping cart will allow us to provide automatic perks to customers with accounts. Watch for coupons that automatically show up in your account. Or notice that a repressed edition of an older CD you’ve bought appears in your account at a reduced price without your having to do anything. The sky’s the limit!
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